EMDR Training

EMDR is an evidence-based therapy that has an increase reduction of symptoms for patients compared to other forms of therapy.

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Counseling Services


The creation of a healthier self can benefit the various aspects on one’s life which can inevitably improve the environment in which we encounter each day.



Joan has worked with families for over twenty years and continues to provide counseling to families seeking help.



Joan offers individual counseling which includes an individualized treatment plan. This ongoing treatment plan will focus on goals and objectives for care.


Joan has worked with couples for over twenty years. Joan offers a variety of methods and therapeutic orientation skills to implement a treatment plan to assist with the couple’s presenting concerns.


Professional Services

EMDR Training, Consultation, & Supervision

EMDR Training

Joan offers EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training. For more information on EMDR therapy, or to sign up for training, click the link below.

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The purpose of professional consultation is to offer professional counselors a network of group or individual support to enhance case conceptualization, expand the development of professional counselor skills, and process the application of various modalities for clients.

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The goals and purpose of supervision will be to support the clients that the supervisee works with and to offer a pedagogy promoting the professional identity, development, competencies, and ethical behavior of the supervisee. Joan has been an approved clinical supervisor for many years and offers individual and group supervision.

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Simple Process

How Does it Work?

Once you reach out for either a free consultation or an appointment Joan can assist with the next step.  These next steps typically include the first intake appointment which is typically one hour long. The intake entails history taking and a collaboration of goals and objectives and frequency of treatment.

Step 1:

What can I expect for my first appointment?

The first intake appointment is typically one hour long. The intake entails history taking and a collaboration of goals and objectives and frequency of treatment.

Step 2:

We discuss it and create a plan

Depending on the case conceptualization and the intake assessment you might meet with your therapist once or twice a month, or perhaps more frequently. This will be determined with full collaboration with you and the therapist.

Questions patients ask

Frequent Questions

How do I know it is time to reach out for counseling?

This is truly an individualized decision, and it should be based on your needs and input.

What type of therapy is offered?

Depending on the conceptualization of your treatment plan this will determine what the best course of treatment will suit your specific needs.

How long does therapy last?

Again, this is based on your intake and the collaboration you have with your therapist during the intake session. You will learn that you are the one to ultimately determine this answer.

My Biography

Joan has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for over twenty years and possesses over twenty-four years of experience working in the mental health field.  This experience has been in private practice, hospitals, and schools.  She utilizes a variety of therapies which include Humanistic, Client-Centered, Cognitive/Behavioral, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  She is an approved clinical supervisor, a certified EMDRIA therapist and an approved EMDRIA consultant.

Joan believes individuals have the power to tell their story and use their voice to create positive change in their lives.  She has experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.  Joan conducts presentations, consultations and workshops for various organizations and companies. The power of utilizing humor and practical examples to humanize the impact of stress resulting in a relaxing atmosphere is Joan’s style in presenting. Clients and her audience can feel more at ease with this presentation style.  Joan educates individuals about the impact of the mind-body component/connection, communication, and stress throughout her presentations and conferences.

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“I have learned a lot from Joan she is a person with integrity and knowledge and she remains human in every way.”
A.K.A C.P.
Winchester, VA